Dulcimer Ramblings
   Over the summer we traveled throughout Pennsylvania playing and teaching the hammered dulcimer in different campgrounds and here in Gettysburg, PA.
I played for two days for Servant & Company out on the sidewalk and had a great time playing and talking with those passing by as well as customers. It really was a lot of fun!
   It was amazing how the sound from my Dusty Strings D-600 carried. At least two individuals thought I had it amplified! It also made me really work through my repetoire!
Every weekend this summer, we performed in a different campground, playing Sunday mornings, then preaching, and always sticking around afterward to introduce and explain the instrument. I would give brief lessons and even let those interested take a try at playing.
   This is Derek. He was one such individual who was interested when we visited the campground they stay at. I gave him a few lessons, but alas, he had no dulcimer when we left. Within the next several weeks they purchased a dulcimer and when we returned to visit, I was able to give him just a few more lessons.
   After just one week of lessons and some serious practice, he played for the large congregation of his church! After we left, his mother e-mailed me that he had picked out another tune and already added some harmony notes and embellishments!
Playing aboard the Monticello III, a canal boat, during "Dulcimer Days" at Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Ohio.
This was a lot of fun and a unique experience. We played some "period" tunes along with a few old hymns.