Bob Bedard's
Hammered Dulcimer
The Ashbrook
Length: 8 3/8"  Weight 7 grams
Shaft: Maple   Grips: Cedar
Cost: $30

w/ Ebony Edge: $35

Shaft: Walnut   Grips: Pine
Cost: $30

w/ Ebony Edge: $35

The Windsong
Length: 8 3/8"  Weight: 6 grams
     w/ Ebony Edge: 6 1/2 grams
The Zephyr
Length: 8 3/8"  Weight: 6 grams
          w/ Ebony Edge: 7 grams
Shaft: Cherry   Grips: Cedar
Cost: $30

w/ Ebony Edge: $35

Shaft & Grips: Ebony & Maple

Cost: $45

The Harlequin
Length: 8 3/8"  Weight: 12 grams
Shaft: Rosewood   Grips: Cedar
Cost: $25

The Wisp
Length: 8 3/8"  Weight: 7 grams
All hammers are 8 3/8" unless otherwise desired. The shafts are approximately 1/10" thick. The grips are approximately 1/2". On all double sided hammers there is a leather strip along one striking edge. I can make hammers to your specs, except that I will not copy any other maker's design. For custom hammers send specifications.

Bob Bedard    6466-A, E. 574th Road     Catoosa, OK, 74015   

Phone: 918-266-0353

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Optional Celluloid Grips
(Add $6.00 to above prices)

Top L to R: Black w/ white swirl; Crushed velvet-blue; Black/white marble swirl

Bottom L to R: Crushed velvet-red; Dymondwood-fuschia; Crushed velvet-gold